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reply to markopoleo

Re: Next Q

said by markopoleo:

said by squashpile:

Hmm.. be interesting to see next quarter. I wonder how many people besides me downgraded service very recently.

I know 3 people personally who downgraded HSI from 100meg to 30meg because of price increase. The stupid pricing scheme charter uses here makes no sense to get it. You can get 30/4meg BUSINESS price from the same price you can get 100meg/5meg now. Business even throws in free phone service for the first year. lol

30/4 business class for the same price as the 100/5 doesn't sound like it makes ANY sense what so ever to me! In fact, that actually quite stupid to pay the same price for less than a third of the speed, isn't it?

Who gives a rats a** about free phone service, unless you're talking about free phone modem/usage and and not the free 24/7 USA based tech support? Either way, still sounds like a very bad deal to me, the way you have this worded. Don't give a crap about the supposed tech support for business class either. Shouldn't need it if Charter just made their crap run right to begin with! I think I've had to call Charter one time for real tech support in the 15-16 years I've been with them.

I hope Charter continues to lose $40 million dollars EVERY quarter, seeing as how this article makes it sound like chump change and Charter thinks they are doing so well!
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