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El Paso, TX

[TWC] TWC El Paso internet / phone connectivity issues...

As of Jan. 2013 my internet and phone with TWC has been acting up..i have had many techs out + 2 line techs out and still the issue has not been resolved, and now its been noted on the account that any time i call about internet isses they are not to send techs out anymore.

Now to the skinny of the issue / details of what i see happening yet TWC techs are unable to figure it out. Its most noticeable when i am playing World of Warcraft, i will get random delays in the game, and sometimes the latency in game will go to 300+ms and sometimes over 1000ms, without disconnecting from the game, other times latency will not change from the normal 60ish i get and ill just get disconnected from the game. Now thats the noticeable occurrences..also sometimes when on the phone with tech support the phone will cut out to the point where the tech can not hear me at all but i can hear them the entire time. All my power levels are fine and with spec for TWC wondering if anyone might have an idea as to why im getting such intermittent issues...the one constant im seeing in the modem event log is this... Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - ... ( when that appears it coincides with the "lag/disconnect" issue )