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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to dsl2u

Re: Callcentric in Canada using a softphone: Is it OK?

+1 for CallCentric

I initially has my business DID with voip.ms and after a few weeks where I had to play ring around the rosy that dove me nuts I switched to CallCentric where my satisfaction index is through the roof .

I do have 1 DID with voip.ms that I use and that one seems to be very stable so far --- voip.ms upgraded much of their gear etc. very recently so I suspect that playing ring around the rosy is not as much of an issue that it may have been before. I like voip.ms rates and very helpful online chat service + Martin is one GREAT voip.ms resource that's very active here. And if I could safely eliminate playing ring around the rosy I would go back to voip.ms for my business DID because -----

I also have my residential DID with Anveo --- with the exception of 8xx Geo. Restricted issue in my area [Nepean Ontario] I am very pleased with this service. Anveo have indicated that they are working to solve the 8xx Geo. Restricted issue for Canadian subscribers.

If you're wondering what in tarnation's I mean by ring around the rosy --- its where I had to keep switching POP's almost on a daily basis --- that means reconfiguring my Obi202 and the voip.ms web-portal configuration -- what a pain in the neck!. With CallCentric no ring-around-the rosy.
David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
Information Technology for Home and Business