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East Saint Louis, IL

Charter billing mystery

Back on January 23, I had the techs here for a problem of no upload. This problem had previously been resolved in October, 2012. It was a node issue. Common Path Distortion was to blame.
Anyway, the techs showed up and naturally, the upload was fine. They connected their JSDU test box and all checked out good.
They went out and looked at the drop. They put a new end on the cable on their side of the grounding block.
As they were getting ready to leave, telling me that there was no real problem, I asked them to check the upload one more time. It failed. They immediately told me that it was a problem out on the line, they would escalate the issue and it might be a few days before I saw a resolution, and that I may or may not get a call that it was fixed. The problem did resolve after a day or so.

And today I receive my autopay email. More that double the normal $44.99.

So I go to my account and look at the statement.
1. A charge of $45 for a service visit.
2. A charge of $2.70 for a franchise fee. (listed under the TV section of the bill)

I don't have TV. I have internet only. There has never been a TV fee.
The service visit was a problem that was not on my end. It had been escalated.

I called in, first, the subject was the service fee. I was told by the CSR today that on the service call they had to replace my modem. I told them that I own my modem and it works good. On the service call they tested it and commented that they rarely see problems with SB6121's as they are good, and Charter also uses them now. I told the customer service rep today that the issue was escalated to the line repair people, so it would not be my fault the service call was required.

Service fee was credited.

Next, the TV fee. I told them I do not have TV service. I have never been charged a TV franchise fee. I could understand if I had a charge for TV service, and a TV franchise fee to go along with that, but not a stand alone franchise fee.

This was also credited. It was notable that the CSR was very interested in making sure that that was the first time I had been charged for the TV fee. Makes me suspect that this is a big boo-boo going on right now in the billing department.

Cleveland, TN
the tv fee thing is probably more complicated then that in fact may even be illegal depending on local laws etc


Nashville, TN
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reply to lineofsight
I've had several "TV franchise fees" on my bill through out my 3 years with charter. You definately have to watch your bill.

More frequently, its when you make a change to your account, or have a service call. Seems to throw your bill out of whack.

They've always taken them off when I called. I have NEVER had Charter TV

"its when you make a change to your account, or have a service call. Seems to throw your bill out of whack."

That's simply the devious way most cable/telco operators work. You make a change or even a call for a problem that is in no way your fault, and they all think they can charge yo something for it and hope you won't notice.

Between just the phone companies and the cable companies, I don't know who's the bigger crook or most dishonest?
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