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Move strategy

My move and my promo rate end will coincide. I am serviced out of Syracuse, NY. What would be the better course of action in maintaining a promo price. Having TWC do a move to my new and still local address, which means I have to do the retention thing or cancelling the account and start up anew. I have been a new TWC customer, internet only, for a year and have no experience in dealing with them. Thanks for any insight.


San Antonio, TX
I am not sure if it works the same way in NY but in Texas the retention dept handles the move request so you might get a deal from that. Also since you are moving the system creates a new account and because the accounts are based of the addresses not the person you would qualify for promos again. You could try calling the the repair dept to do the transfer. They have monthly quotas for core product sales they have to meet and they will typically give you good deals. When I was working repair there I would give as much free/discounted stuff as the system would let me to sweeten the deal because it was very difficult to get those sales. When I would get a miss routed call and the first words was I want to transfer my account it would make me smile. It would not hurt to ask for free installs either. Most of the time the supervisor would approve it and since the agent sales affect their quotas as well they will tend to play along.


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In the NY/NJ area, transferring accounts were not to have new promos, unless adding a service. Over a year ago, transfers were not considered a new account (for commission purposes) and the CSR got very little credit and the important revenue generating units, unless more services were added. (one time I received .90) It may be different in your branch. I would not call sales, but rather billing/support. If you don't get a great offer, leave your account open, call back and set up a new account. After transfer, return modem (if you are renting) and stop the billing/cancel service on old address.


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Thanks guys. I think maybe I'll try both of your recommendations. I'll just have to keep track of who I'm talking to.