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Scarborough, ON
reply to lugnut

Re: Problem Solved!!!

I wish I could be more like you and others. Fighting for the small ticket stuff, to get the best price. I usually just pay it. For big ticket, of course I try, but, it seems there I luck out and usually get close or below the US price. Mind you, all of that is just anecdotal, as its just what my memory is when it comes to certain big ticket items, which a lot of the time are niche items to begin with. lol

I will price match online for small ticket stuff, if its easy, like the system at ncix for computer stuff, but aside from that, if in store, I just pay what they are asking. I really should try more, since that is where we get ripped, since we buy way more small ticket stuff, and it adds up over a year.


I don't consider a $35 savings on 4 bulbs small ticket. I would drive crosstown to save that much on a weekly food shop easily.

Still it galls me that all the big stores simply collude to charge the same price and the same horrific markup on a simple everyday item like a fluorescent bulb.

Anybody who tells you that competition is alive and well in Canada today is a bald faced liar!