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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to JamesPC

Re: type of spectrum

said by JamesPC:

Sprint will have the most spectrum but not the most of the best spectrum. Thats why its not that big of a deal, although the spectrum will help them in congested metro markets. Obviously sprint will try to get all of the spectrum they can with verizon and att gobbling up the best usable spectrum (less towers to cover an area with better spectrum). Basically just the notion of having the most spectrum does not really mean the best, far from it. I am a sprint customer.

Carrier aggregation with LTE Advanced is the solution to spectrum scarcity and Sprint is on the forefront. Starting in Q3 Sprint will begin selling Tri-band LTE phones capable of using 800,1900 and 2500Mhz simultaneously.

Shutting down the iden Nextel network is just the initial plan so the spectrum can be re-purposed on CDMA voice. Its already in use in some parts of the country. This will give sprint the indoor coverage signal strength similar to Verizon.

Sprint is in a very advantageous position assuming both Softbank and Clearwire deals go through.