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This is a sub-selection from Terrible Windstream DSL


reply to Koogle

Re: Terrible Windstream DSL

The exact same. I live on 21 2 miles past caw caw fire department. It started the beginning of February and the worst times are in the afternoon after 6pm. At 8pm I can no longer load any video of any kind, and %90 of the weekends are down now. I called them and have a recording of the person saying they were in breech of contract scene i was getting less than 25% of my bandwidth which is 3mbps. $49.99 a month for that is still insane, but what can you do with no other service... they were suppose to send someone out and check their equipment and call me to tell me what the deal was, but they blew me off cause that was suppose to be 2 day ago and still nothing.

Also they decided to add a service to the bill at an extra $20.99 a month without our consent. We didn't catch it until 1 year and 8 months later... My blood started to boil! It is called "Ultimate Security Pack", no idea what it is, and it is located under services on the bill right under your dsl cost. You must point this out to them within 2 years or you will not get refunded for it.

This is a sub-selection from Terrible Windstream DSL