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Ambridge, PA
reply to symbiance

Re: cheap cable card tuner compatible with comcast?

I have a tivo stb already which uses a cable card.

Anyway i can get a pc tuner to work with a tv?


Fishers, IN
I currently have a HTPC with two Ceton cards - each with a Cable Card. This allows me to have a 4TB hard drive to record on with 8 tuners and I have XBox 360's on the other TVs to watch live and recorded TV. Works quite well but if you're only after the most cost effective solution, this is not it.

If you want cheap, you could stick a Ceton Card in an old PC and use it to watch TV but that's still $199 at Newegg in addition to a cheap PC. There are other tuners out there that are cheaper but it depends on Comcast service (like whether they're using Switched Digital Video in your area). Good luck.


Toms River, NJ
Sorry to threadjack, but quick question on that FordTractor. In my area, the first cablecard is free and the second in the same device is like $1.50. Since I have a DVR box in another room for my father, I have to pay $9.95 Addtl outlet fee (-$2.50 customer owned equipment credit). Does Comcast charge you just a $1.50 for the second card? I'm considering a second card myself. I just don't want to get hit for another $9.95 addtl outlet fee + free card. Basically I just want to make sure comcast considers the PC the device, and not each specific ceton card.


Fishers, IN
I only pay the $9.95 Digital Outlet Service once each month. Only additional charge for me to add the second cable card was $1.50/month. I needed to ask them something else so I opened a chat session and they confirmed it's only $1.50 so you should be good.