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Uncle John
Huntland, TN

Question concerning u-verse internet

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I currently subscribe to what used to be Bellsouth 6mbps ADSL in the Southeast region. According to the AT&T website, I can now get U-VERSE internet and voice, but TV isn't available. I'm only interested in the internet and I hope someone can answer a questions for me. I currently have regular POTS and internet and want to keep the regular POTS.

The 18 Mbps Max Plus shows to be available for me and requires professional installation. Does the professional installation include any inside wiring like a new jack and category 5 wiring to the NID , or is that considered extra and added cost. Some of my current inside wiring is over 50 years old, including the wire I'm currently using for internet, and I'm sure it needs updating. I currently have a good connection with no drops and good speed, but my SN margin is on the low side at 15 and I do sync a little lower than the full downstream amount. This may be caused by inside wiring or may not be as I have never tried to find the reason. My line attenuation is 18 and as I understand it, that is about as good as you can have. I know there is one splice in the cable that runs from the pedestal (hope that is right term) to my NID as it was accidentally cut in two some years ago. Do you think this could be made to support Max Plus 18?

Thanks and sorry to be so long winded. I hope it isn't TL;DR.


Yes the professional installation charge includes a new home run to the modem as long as it's reasonable in terms of drops/fishes. You will be just peachy at 18Mbps, as long as you set the expectations to more than likely need a follow up repair within the first few months (like replacing that spliced drop) . The Uverse transport types are more sensitive to nuances in the copper loop.

Uncle John
Huntland, TN
Thank you for the reply. I'm glad to hear things look good and that splice may be what has my rate lower than the full amount now, but I can't say for sure.

I appreciate your help!