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Smithtown, NY

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reply to Gordo74

Re: [OC] More tweaks for my OC?

said by Gordo74:

A couple of things:

1) You never want your chip over 90c. Period. It's MAX THERMAL SPEC is 95c. You will destroy the chip.
2) You need to turn down the voltage on the RAM. Intel has said that 1.65v WILL kill the memory controller over time. 1.8v is just asking for it. You will destroy the chip
3) Do not touch BCLK. You can cause bus frequencies and the like to go out of wack. Only touch the multiplier. As it is set now, you will kill the chip.
4) The voltage of the chip is also way above spec. 1.4v will cause high temps which will kill the chip.

All that boils down to is back off and don't do anything crazy like you are currently.

No offense to you...but thank you for telling me all the things I shouldn't do with the hardware I purchased and telling me very little of how to work closer to my goal. I am well aware of issues that come with overclocking and the potentially reduced lifespan of my hardware. I am also not an expert on what each parameter changes in the BIOS. Granted that generally means i should not be messing around with them just like I don't go doing surgeries and liposuctions but, hey..it's there and nobody is going to die from me blowing up my processor or memory controller. It may employ someone in the future to make more processors or controllers so I'm actually contributing to the economy. But here's a penny for your thoughts....
-Stupidity, like hydrogen, is one of the basic building blocks of the Universe.
-Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.