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[CenturyTel] Hgih Speed internet in oielwein?

I just moved up here to oelwein IA and while my sisters house has high speeds available my house does not. It only has up to 256kbps. and its really unbearable. We have the 99 bundle with direct tv and phone and that should include high speed but this line only supports 256kbps.
I talked to a lady on live chat and she told me that to check back in 2-3 months.

So any reason why my address does not get higher speeds atm? Do they have to expand there coverage and update the lines?


It all depends on how far away you are from the DSLAM which is most likely located in the building downtown by the old Casey's across from the church. It sounds like you must live out in the country and unless they were to install a remote DSLAM (Thousands of dollars), my guess is that you at your max speed.

I would look at other options.

The link below has reference for distance and speed if you scroll down.
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_su ··· tiplexer

This next link shows a picture of a remote DSLAM with a simple explanation.
»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »Remote DSLAM

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Don't know about Oelwein but they seem to be pushing a lot of fiber into the ground in Independence. So far they tell me they know nothing about any future upgrades though. I get Mediacom 50meg service installed tomorrow.


Well actually i just called them up and found that they d have higher speeds here and just needed a new modem.

Id say i live right about 5 to 10min from the dslam then.


Well this sucks. Centurylink gave us a 4g hotspot for us to use while they expand coverage. However it has 4gb of data limit. Just have to use that.


I was right on my first post. 256kbps is all this area supports. I hope they install a remote dslam soon because there are seriously no other options besides mediacom but my sister warned to stay away from them.