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Cox really


[AZ] what does it take to get drop removed?

Due to consistent 2-25% packet loss and random complete loss of signal I decided to switch to dsl. Yes, in theory dsl was half the speed but in real life after a 2 week comparison the dsl was way better. So, after disconnecting Cox and removing the lines from my house I happend to spot a tech supposedly looking for noise climbing up my pole today. I politely asked him to remove the drop. He stated he would remove it if he found noise..which he did not so he left it up. I wound up the drop and left it at the pole. I have half a mind to order basic cable and soak the drop in water...airplanes fly right over my head every day so I would think if the FCC bothers to check for noise they'd certainly check here. I understand their techs don't bother to wear safety gear to save time..but..jeesh..you can't spend 1 second to cut a drop and terminate a tap..really?

Glendale, AZ
why would soaking a drop in water bother the planes?