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Re: Service

Then its time to can the current techs and hire new ones with experience. Why even bother "escalating" the issue if its the same people trying to figure it out?

Don't get me wrong, everyone I've met has been really nice and they genuinely seem sympathetic, but over 8 months with the same problem says it all - incompetent and inefficient. Bring someone else in to get a fresh perspective.

Support: "Escalate this issue"

Tech Ops: "We already wrote the issue on the board in yellow AND underlined it. I guess we'll have to go to the highest escalation ... get me the red pen!"

Management: "LOL, he's still paying full price"

Share Holders: "LOL, raise prices"

I noticed your review of the company you work for. That seems pretty shady. I can't believe DSLReports OR Mediacom would allow that. It certainly doesn't make Mediacom look very good to have a self-admitted shill (Mediacom employee) posting reviews.

I do thank you, however, for letting me know the truth about escalations. It gives me a little more insight into the company.

*** I will say today (so far) has been the best day I've had in weeks ... just one timeout that I am aware of.
*** Update - back to frequent modem reboots
This is a sub-selection from Service