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Lynnwood, WA
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HP is back in the consumer tablet business

HP to make $169 Android tablet, eschewing Windows
HP previously made a tablet based on Palm's WebOS software, but the effort fizzled.
Because they never priced it right -- of course it was a slow seller at, what, $399 (?), but once they cut the price, it sold out within a day or so. Initially, they tried to sell it for too much, and then they dumped the inventory for too little.
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The powers in charge of the TouchPad fiasco were apparently overpaid morons. What thinking person would believe that any tablet that was not able to run either iOS or Android apps could be priced like an iPad and actually sell? And to then abandon the product completely after only six weeks in the market? A $100 price cut would have probably resulted in increased sales, but instead they chose to firesale them, destroy WebOS in the process, and cause HP to take a writeoff for nearly TWO BILLION dollars when after they basically rendered their Palm purchase totally worthless. I wonder how many of those boneheads walked away with Golden Parachutes that exceed what most normal people will make over an entire lifetime??

I hope they can sell a lot of these new tablets (and that they meet the legendary HP reliability of years ago). We'll see, but it seems that they're pretty late to the party and all the pretty girls have already found someone to dance with.

Ukiah, CA
reply to aurgathor
Sounds interesting, especially the printer bit (if they don't cripple it to only work with a handful of inkjet printers...). Good price too.

As for the TouchPad, it was $500 for the 16 GB model, and $600 for the 32 GB one. Way too expensive, it should have been maybe half of that. Oh well, I was able to snag the 32 GB one for $150 so I'm happy with it .


Los Angeles, CA
reply to aurgathor

It's like a Nexus 7 with a little bit slower hardware, but front/rear cameras and a microSD slot.

The price is right.

Lenovo announced some new "Nexus 7 killers" today too.


All this competition in the sub-$200 7 inch android tablet space should benefit buyers, overall, I think. Almost all else in the low price tier besides the Nexus is currently, uh, craptastic.
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New York, NY
reply to aurgathor
HP has the HP ElitePad 900 Atom based Windows 8 (business) tablet and before that they had the HP Sate 500 Windows 7 tablet. I bought four HP Touchpad units and gave two away (one each to my twin niece / nephew). I kept two units for myself (one for the Wife and one for me). The 16GB model is running an Android mod and the 32GB model is still running WebOS.

An Android based tablet from HP would almost be expected if not more then a little late. The price seems rather low at ~$169.99 but I'd like to see the specs and performance before pondering the price / value,....

Perhaps the late Android entry and relatively low price is due to them still smarting over their earlier endeavors,....

The HP PC tablets have been fairly weak products IMO. I'd really like to see them get it in gear and wow us with something.