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Markham, ON

Teksavvy does not allow phone number port to other provider?

I ported my home phone from Bell to Teksavvy a few years back, now I am getting a good deal with Rogers home phone and want to port my phone to Rogers, but was told Teksavvy won't release my phone number to any one, does it make sense? I never know Teksavvy has this policy. Anyone knows?




Oakville, ON
They must allow porting out; it's illegal for them not to.

TSI Marty
Chatham, ON
reply to zz1999
This does not make sense, we do not lock your numbers nor provide a restriction on who you can port it to.

All Rogers has to do is submit a request to port it and your phone account will automatically cancel that that requested port over date.

Again we apply no restriction on who you would like to port it to.

Windsor, ON
reply to zz1999
WHO told you Teksavvy won't allow porting your number out?
Was it Teksavvy?
Was it Rogers?


Markham, ON
It was Rogers. After I posted here, I called Teksavvy support and was told Teksavvy does not block porting request. Teksavvy rep also posted here, I have no reason not belieaving it.
So I called Rogers again, a Rogers rep tried it again on her side and still no go. Basically she told me as soon as she entered my phone number into their system to create the porting request, she was informed by their system that the number was not portable or something like that. So it might be Rogers system issue.

I just wandering though, was Rogers able to port phone number from Teksavvy before? Anyone has experience porting phone number from Teksavvy to Rogers home phone?

Thanks for everyone's input.


TSI Jonathan
Hi zz1999,

We had your DSLr handle linked to your account from a previous contact with you so I took a look myself. I went as far as going to check into our vendor's portal to make sure everything was still active so you can port your phone number. Everything looked fine in my researches, there shouldn't be any reason why the number could not be ported away. It would have to be something on Rogers side.

The way it works is Rogers does the demand to Bell (which we go through to offer our POTS service) to port your number over to them. Once everything is provided to Bell (phone number, name, date of the desired transfer, etc) they submit a cancel request to us stating that you are porting your phone number to a different provider. Once the specific dates arrives, the number gets transferred to the new provider and the account on our side gets transferred. As long as your number is active with us, which it is, everything should be a go.

Have you tried mentioning to them that we go through Bell for our POTS service? Maybe they are not looking at the right place hence why they have not been successful. I would try that maybe if you give them another call at some point.

Sad to see you leave but i see you still have another service with us so we are not totally parting ways. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


TSI Jonathan
E-Services Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.