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This is a sub-selection from Hoarding Spectrum


reply to Sprint Hater

Re: Hoarding Spectrum

Uh, someone is essentially buying Sprint - SoftBank. The previous Sprint leaders who merged with Nextel are all gone so a completely different company now. The new players are cleaning up the mess albeit slowly. iDen 800Mhz spectrum is going to CDMA/LTE later this year so Sprint can only get better once that starts. Things didn't move as fast as some wanted but now money is not a problem so having 3 strong players is better for consumers than having a duopoly. When Network Vision rollout is complete, Sprint will have broader/deeper coverage and a more modern network than ATT/VZW.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
They're more than slow at cleaning up the mess. They should have been doing that since Dan took over instead of bringing in the iPhone to try and say "we got it too". Sprint needs to compete more on price and be a 3rd ranked carrier like they have been for sometime. Recent numbers show that post paid is going down and prepaid is up along with shopping on price, and Sprint should be playing that number game. Hell, I can get 2 phones on the Sprint network, unlimited, and still come out for the price of 1 phone on Sprint's post-paid plan.

And NV will take YEARS to complete at Sprint's phase, even if Softbank gets the wheel- and by the years of upgrading VZ/T will out due them in $$$ and in terms of customers. Sprint will never fully be able to bring their name back.


Post paid is losing on the Nextel side, not the CDMA side.