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West Tenness
reply to Jeffrey

Re: Netflix

said by Jeffrey:

Case #2: The Walking Dead. When I was finished with Breaking Bad's streaming episodes, I started this show. I can't get enough. I'm 2 episodes away from the last Netflix streaming show. I hear Amazon has the first half of Season 3, and my wife has a Prime account, so I hopefully can use that. If not, I will wait to catchup. Not going to buy the shows on Amazon or watch on AMC.com.

Sorry but you can only buy the episodes at Amazon. They do come out the day after air unlike HBO which makes you wait MONTHS for shows like Game Of Thrones. If you want to catch up on season 3 of Walking Dead and you don't want to pay per episode or pay for cable then you'll have to wait until Netflix gets it which probably won't be for 6 months or more. Right before season 4 begins when that may be.