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Metrocast is the worse cable company ever!!!

I would just like to take the time, to express how much I think metrocast sucks! They just layed off a bunch of its employees, and did it in such a degrading way, that they should be ashamed of themselves. In tough times, hard decisions need to be made in doing what is best for it's company. However when it is built on its legs by the blood sweat and tears of these wonderful men, who go in when they are sick, who go in when the roads are bad. These men are good men, who put their heart and soul going up the poles, going into houses of not very happy people. They know all too well about how Shit roles down hill, and they take it, without incident. Some of these men have been there, a long time. They did not deserve to be treated like this at all. This company is nothing without its workers, and doing what they did, maybe hopefully one of these men, who are now worried about their mortgages, and other such living expenses can drive the Karma bus and be able to laugh at this some day!! Metrocast SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of jobs. I haven't read anything in the news about it, so I'm assuming you are close to someone who was cut. I wish I could offer something besides my compassion for their situation.

I Went To The Dark Side?

Brierfield, AL
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I think he was one of them, since his domain is

Anyways, there were news postings about it:

» ··· erRegion

» ··· 30229747

Funny thing is, no news from their other regions, just NH/ME region....hmmmmmmmmmm
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Sorry to hear. I got out of their a couple years ago. I don't miss it one bit. It seems they want to just use contractors for installs. Big mistake, but probably saves the company some money. They really should just sell to Time Warner or Comcast. Bigger companies are better overall at managing costs compared to the little guys.

How High?
Rochester, NH
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Id like to say that Ive had great response and professionalism from all the metrocast employees that have been on my property. However I am certain that all of them will land on there feet. Everything happens for a reason. That being said please see below.

Ever? Im thinking all companies suck at sometime for someone. But worst company ever? On a list to include companies like Blackwater, Exxon and any number of recently departed companies that stuck millions of hard working americans right in the throat with financial loss and no chance of recouping any of it. I dont think Metrocast is even in the top 500 worst companies of all time.

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