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Bala Cynwyd, PA

Set top box won't boot shows --:--

I haven't had FIOS TV all day. Before calling FIOS, I got "this channel is unavailable" on all channels. Eventually I called, and they tried rebooting the set top boxes and the ONT. After the ONT was rebooted, the set top boxes do not boot at all so now I cannot even watch DVR. The box shows "--:--" and the screen is blank. Both my HD DVR and older SD box exhibit all the same behavior. Internet and phone are working; it is just TV.

The support person on the phone believes there is a coax connection issue but I have since pretty much ruled this out. Since internet and phone work, I was able to add a splitter to connect a working coax line to the box, but still no TV.

I basically have 2 questions

1) Does anyone know a way to get the box to boot so I can at least watch DVR?

2) My appointment isn't until Tuesday so does anyone have any guesses on what might be wrong?

Millersville, MD
Have you checked your ONT's status lights for faults?

I've had similar issues with my boxes before. The only way to clear them was to completely unplug them, wait a minute and plug them back in. Have you tried that yet?


Bala Cynwyd, PA
Yes, I rebooted the ONT myself a 2nd time (by disconnecting the battery and unplugging) because I didn't trust they had done it. The only light on was the green power light.


Culver City, CA

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When you turn on the box, do you get video? Can you change channels using CH+ and CH-? Is there no Guide/VZ Software? If so, we can probably fix it. If you get NOTHING, not even TV Video, the box is toast.

If it's just a dead IMG, try this:
What happened is the VZ IMG got corrupted, so it dumps you straight into the Motorola Base Firmware until it can redownload the software.

Unplug power and coax. Make sure the coax jack is clean of debris and the cable is not damaged. Reconnect it after about 5 minutes and let it sit for about an hour. If it still doesn't work normally I'd say try it at another location where a known-good stb is located but it looks like both your boxes are dead. You could try connecting it straight to the Coax out of the ONT and see if that works. If it works there, you may have a bad coax run, if it's still dead after that, it could be a dead ONT. What lights does it have?

Yes it's possible for only one part of an ONT to die. I had one with a bad Internet portion, internet would randomly die, TV and Phone were fine. Sometimes it'd die once an hour, and I'd have to constantly reboot the ONT to get the internet back up. VZ kept insisting it was my router, after the 3rd replacement I demanded a tech come out and replace the ONT. He checked the ONT, and in less than 5 minutes went "Yep, ONT's fried". So don't always trust Verizon .


Bala Cynwyd, PA
reply to thriftyrockr
Just to complete the thread, they came and replaced the ONT this morning (one day early but luckily I was still home).

The signal level was too low so the fact that internet worked was probably luck - router doing a good job finding the signal. Hopefully the new ONT will give me better internet throughput as well.

The phone is on a different circuit so not surprising it still worked while the TV was out.

If anyone else has this issue, last night, the set top boxes did eventually boot, it just took about 8 hours.
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Fountain Valley, CA

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reply to thriftyrockr

Re: Set top box won't boot shows --:--

I'm pretty late to the game on this, but for others that might have a similiar problem, point the remote at the box led and hit STB power > OK > OK and then navigate to inband status.

see what your SNR looks like. if it's zero then you need to look at the cable coming from the wall, or bring a working STB to this location and see if it boots up just fine.