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Verdun, QC

[Voip.ms] Is there issues using Airport Extreme with VO/IP?


Videotron is my ISP, I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme with current version (e.g. 7.6.3).

My Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 does not receive call however my softphone (Bria 3.5) on my mac do using a similar config.

Any clues?




Can you make outgoing calls from the Polycom with no trouble? If not, please provide some details (does it register, type of server, what error when calling, etc.)

Assuming that outgoing is ok, do a test where you make a call, hang up and immediately (within 30 seconds) call in. If the phone rings and can be answered ok, the problem is a NAT association timeout. In the Airport, try forwarding UDP port 5060 to the Polycom. Or, try setting nat.keepalive.interval="30" in the phone's config (search for details on how to do this).

If the above test fails, it may be a SIP ALG problem. In the Polycom, try setting Local SIP Port to 5070.

Unfortunately, AFAIK there is no way to disable the SIP ALG in an Airport, so if the above does not help, determine whether the problem is Airport related by testing with an old router. If you don't have one, take the phone to a friend's or neighbor's and try it there.

reply to bhdicaire
Stewart provided excellent suggestions, I just want to add that at home I am using an Airport Extreme and 2 Airport Express to extend the signal wirelessly, with double nat because i've some tick walls. That sounds like a recipe for disaster but no issues at all.

Let us know the results of your testing.
Martin - VoiP.ms

North York, ON
reply to bhdicaire
I don't have any issues with my AirPort Extreme.

You might try using STUN to help get around any firewall issues: »www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/STUN


New York, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
reply to MartinM

.... am using an Airport Extreme and 2 Airport Express to extend the signal wirelessly, with double nat because i've some tick walls....

Could you describe how your Double NAT works and how you configured it?

I have Macs at home, but not an AEBS. I have been considering getting one, but would like to know the issues first.

Thank you.


Verdun, QC
Hello Bumble,

My issues were not with AEBS but with my Polycom Phone hardware or my configuration.

I replaced it with a CISCO IP SPA525AG phone and my problem is solved.

The config for my specific was not part of the Vo.IP's wiki however they provided me with the complete config right away.

Kudos to Vo.IP !


Verdun, QC
reply to Stewart
Hello Stewart,

I was able to make outgoing calls.

Everytime I changed my local SIP port to 5060 or 5070, the phone will answer for a while.

This is not Apple related. I solved it using a different IP Phone. It's probably something related to Polycom firmware.

I'll post my conclusion later on today with my full config if someone will like to use a CISCO IP Phone SPA525AG with VoIP.ms.


New York, NY
reply to bhdicaire

Thanks for getting back to me. I picked up an AEBS a little while ago and it seems to work fine with my VOIP setup.


Verdun, QC
reply to MartinM
Hello MartinM,

Thanks to Albert, I was able to configure my Cisco IP Phone SPA 525AG within 5 minutes

Please find below an exert of my chat session with him. Nothing's wrong, quite the contrary. This is the configuration if a DSL Broadband User wish to to use the same device with your great service.

02:56:34 PM [Albert] Ok, at the moment you're using only one Extension in the IP Phone?
02:57:17 PM [Benoit Dicaire] Yes
02:58:08 PM [Benoit Dicaire] I might want to use a second extension with a different provider in the future for one of my customer
02:58:46 PM [Albert] Ok, in the Ext 1 please set the follow:
Nat Keep Alive: Yes
Nat Mapping/Traversal: Yes
Proxy: atlanta.voip.ms (You can choose any of our multiple VoIP.ms servers)
Register Expires: 180
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 180
Display Name: John Smith (Replace with your name or company name)
User ID: 100000 (Replace with your VoIP.ms username)
Password: ******** (Type in the account password)
DNS SRV Auto Prefix: NO
03:03:34 PM [Benoit Dicaire] That's it ?
03:04:14 PM [Albert] Yes, all the other options can be left with the default values. To connect to our servers you only need those options properly configured with the credentials of your VoIp.ms account
03:06:01 PM [Benoit Dicaire] my phone just registered
03:06:09 PM [Albert] That's good to know


Verdun, QC
reply to Bumble
I just bought a UBIQUITI Edge Router Lite as my end point and I will use my AEBS as a Wireless Access Point. »www.ubnt.com/edgemax#edge-router-lite

According to the manufacturer this is the World’s first sub-$100, one million packet-per-second router

Time will tell, I'll definitely setup QOS even if I don't seem to need it now.