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Santa Monica, CA
·GoDaddy Hosting

[ONT] Amazingly fast Verizon repair service

We had a very brief power outage early Saturday morning. I had no internet service on my desktop computer or iPod Touch. I turned on the TV and had no FiOS TV available -- set top rebooted but still no channels. I picked up the phone to call Verizon and had no dial tone.

I finally reached Verizon using my cell phone about 10:30 am. Turns out my ONT had been knocked out, apparently by a power surge after the outage ended. CSR assured me they'd have a tech out by the end of the day. Sure enough, tech arrived about 4:30 pm and immediately replaced the ONT box in about 15 minutes. This was his third call out of four in our neighborhood for the same problem.

All is well now and we can watch and pause and fast-forward as desired through the Academy Awards tonight.

I have surge protection on the electric connections to my router, TV, and DVR but the ONT plugs directly into a wall socket.

I am impressed!


Montclair, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
Glad to hear. Verizon service has been top notch on the couple occasions I've needed them as well. They're not nearly as clueless or rude as the message board ranting of an angry few would have you believe.