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reply to LazMan

Re: Plumbing Question - New Sump Pump

said by LazMan:

It's typically illegal to discharge into the sewer system.

It's illegal where I live but we did it anyways. The problem is the houses are so close together, there is no drainage ditch! Only other option would be to discharge near the street, but then that creates lots of ice which is a hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles. And it's not like we can just throw a bit of salt on it to melt it away, the ice builds up in thick layers everytime the pump runs.

So into the sewer it goes. We do however have some valves so we can direct the output of the pump outside if necessary. Typically we'll discharge to the street in the summer time and into the sewer when the freezing weather starts.

Lasalle, QC
Seems I started quite the discussion here.

The duplex does have a flat roof that drains right into the normal sewer.

So just T into the run, and use a standpipe like the washer? Could I just put a "y" on the end of the pipe and plumb the pump straight in? In doing so do I have to worry about backup through the current washer standpipe and sink due to the high volume and flow of the sump discharge? Or would it be better to put a "y" further up the pipe and tie in there?