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[Internet] SBG6580 / Lightning / File integrity issues

Greetings. I am looking for a little input here. For as long as I can remember I have had file integrity issues when downloading large files (over 100mb). There would always be something wrong with them.

I would get CRC errors on ZIP's and RAR's. Setup EXE's would be missing files or would be unable to read certain files. So today I really decided to investigate.

I went to Google and downloaded their Android SDK's. I went to MSDN and downloaded some Windows ISO's. I even went to Ubuntu's website and downloaded an ISO from there. Every single file would have a mismatched MD5 than what was expected, even from each duplicate download. I probably downloaded 5 duplicate files from each site and the MD5 would change for each download.

So wtf. I tried a couple tests on a few of my vmware servers on a seperate and dedicated PC. Same issues.

So I contacted the live chat support. I was not very happy with the results. I was told that it wasn't their problem, and to have a nice day. She suggested I might have a virus or something (which I absolutely do not). I get that she may not have understood what the actual problem was or just tossed me off as an ignorant user (I work helpdesk for a Hospital, I get where she was coming from).

Back when I had a DVR it did wild things like record shows I didn't set it to record and record a random show from a whole different channel when another was set to record (and labeled it as the wrong show). Is it possible that being in a condo with a bunch of other units could have some sort of signal issue?

So I decided I am gonna just go in and swap my cable modem out for a different one and hope that it isn't an issue with the complex I live in.


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Please read this post it describes the exact issue you are experiencing
»[Internet] I fixed my corrupted downloads! No more CRC, MD5
Sounds like you need to put your SBG6580 into Bridge Mode
BHNtechXpert can assist you with this please open a direct forums and post there and include your current IP address
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reply to Smoot178
Actually the other thread isn't correct...I need him to open a direct forums thread and I will get to the bottom of it.