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The Rock

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reply to Dennis

Re: Youtube sucks for me

Typo on the first post. I have 12/2. You can see from my test history even back in june of last year I have yet to break 6000Kbps here at DSLR,

even though I am suppose to have 12/2. Even my upload is lacking, although that's acceptable.

At speedtest.net I get...

The funny thing is that isn't even my IP address shown. My IP Addresses in my block all start with 108.x.x.x ...
I blocked those servers and still having issues with youtube.

edit: the laptop that took that speed test at speedtest.net was hooked directly to my 2wire modem. That laptop is also what took the 2 most recent speed tests here at DSLR. All my other computers have the correct addresses. They are all attached to separate router/switches configured with my IP addresses.
When somebody tells you nothing is impossible, ask him to dribble a football.

Streamwood, IL
said by Lagz:

Typo on the first post. I have 12/2.

12/1.5 would be a more common plan.