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Re: Collection Agency...What Is Typical?

said by CylonRed:

Since he is living with you - a collection agency will try and get you to agree to pay his bills if you answer their phone call. If you do this - then you are on the hook.

If you mean "agree to pay his bills" because some guy called and asked you to, that's 100% bullshit.

Unless they have your signature on something, you're not on the hook. Keep in mind they may try to bully you into thinking you are obligated to follow through on a verbal agreement but there is no legal meat behind it. They can't make a third party pay based solely on what was said during phone call, nor is there a penalty for not keeping your word.

To the OP: It sounds to me that you are creating a problem where one does not need to be. Nephew is staying with you "temporarily," so ask him not to use your address or phone number for his personal business and there will be no reason for you to be involved to begin with. Why does anyone need to know he is crashing at your place? If he is uncooperative and his creditors start chasing you...oh well. That's the price you pay for taking in a deadbeat.

Offer to pay for a PO box. Some private vendors like the UPS Store have an actual street address so no one even knows it's just a mail drop. It's cheap insurance for keeping his hassles from becoming your hassles.

And whatever you do, don't sign anything associated with your nephew!