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Surrey, BC

Question on USG50 IDP logs

Hopefully there is a simple answer that someone here knows.

Back on the v2 firmware when there was an IDP hit the logs would show the IP of the computer on my LAN and the IP of the server it was trying to communicate with on the internet through the WAN that triggered the hit. This way at least I could further know what logs I may want to check on the specific local computer or warn that person.

But since I upgraded to v3 firmware it never shows the IP of the computer on my LAN doing the communicating but only the WAN IP address for my internet and the web site IP that triggered the warning. It happens with both an upgraded config and one I created fresh. This way I have no quick way to know except by time if only one person was online which machine triggered the hit.

Anyone have a clues to why. I have tried all I can think of so far.

Thanks for any help guys.