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Valencia, CA
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reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: Firefly, anyone?

said by ISurfTooMuch:

OK, it might be too late for Firefly to return, but you get the idea. If Netflix can swing it, it might do well to make an offer to the producers of established shows that get axed by a network to get them to move over to Netflix.

The day that a show with cult status gets canned by a network and then revived by Netflix will be the day when the big media execs really start to worry. Because, if that show succeeds, every producer out there will realize that another distribution option has arrived.

I wonder how sustainable that would be for Netflix, as it only collects $8/month from its subscribers currently. Ads aren't paying for the shows unless they build in product placement or something. Netflix only really makes money only if it increases the size of their customer pool.

Having a few high quality exclusives is a good idea (something already proven by HBO/Showtime), but there's probably diminishing returns. They need just enough shows to keep people paying the fee.
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