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Sarnia, ON
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Cogeco final bill

Guys let us say I cancel all services with Cogeco but have a final bill that is a bit more than I can pay off all at once will I be able to pay it off in payments as long as I am on time with those payments ? I don't want it going to collections or anything eh.

I am seriously thinking of cancelling all my services finally to send Cogeco a message. Tired of them offering so little to me as a customer.

Windsor, ON
Don't know how receptive they would be to you saying "PISS OFF, but I can I pay when I want to?"

Cancel your services, declare to them that you are in financial hardship and that you will get them the money as soon as possible.

PS: If you are that close to the financial doom line, perhaps a re-evaluation of your life is in order?

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reply to DeViLzzz
said by DeViLzzz:

I am seriously thinking of cancelling all my services finally to send Cogeco a message.

... shouldn't you cancel anyhow, since you can't afford it?!


Sarnia, ON
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You are not getting it. I can afford it but I got behind on the bill and when you do that when you had three services with the company at one time it adds up quick. I owe them like $200+. You guys make it sound like I can't afford the cable and other services I have with other companies but I can but I don't feel like giving Cogeco my money anymore when they are screwing over the consumer. I already got rid of two services through them this past year and now am thinking of totally ditching them.

You guys sure you aren't Cogeco hired trolls ? Don't preach to me about what I can't and can afford. How about ripping these companies for charging too much for everything under the watchful eye of the CRTC who is probably taking payola/bribes to keep all the companies in the monopolies of Canada happy.
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Hamilton, ON
reply to DeViLzzz

Re: Cogeco final bill

Remember he ISP's can charge you whatever they want. They just need to make sure the CRTC sees there vision for future bendovers.

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Scarborough, ON
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reply to DeViLzzz
If you cancel all your services, they're going to send you a final bill. In dealing with any company's collections department, I've always found that communication is key, and as long as you are dealing with them in good faith, making suitable arrangements, and sticking with what you agreed upon, you shouldn't have a problem.

If you're going to just divvy up the final bill into 2 or 3 parts I'm sure that would be fine. It would be helpful if, when calling them to make arrangements, you were planning on making a payment at that time.

So, say you owe them $300.

Call them up, let them know you are making a payment of $100 immediately, and will make a payment of $100 in 1 month's time and the last $100 in 2 months time.

I can't imagine that being refused.

It's the "not saying anything" that will get you into trouble with Cogeco (or any creditor).

Phorkster and Urbanriot are good contributors here. They may have just misunderstood your initial post.

For what it's worth, I agree Cogeco is not very good value for your dollar. Their services are overpriced. Better value can be had, you just need to shop around. Myself... Start for internet, Shaw Direct for TV, voip.ms for phone - spending far less per month that I used to and getting better quality services and better bang for my hard-earned dollar.

Good luck.

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