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Fresh Meadows, NY
reply to Buzzati

Re: Unresolved Fios Packet loss

Finding a new service to meet your gaming and streaming needs is one thing. Keeping FiOS because of what it is and the speeds it actually provides is another. Its a toss-up depending on your requirements. What are you seeing so much loss to? I see the same every night myself, and I am pretty sure everyone else does as well. But its not enough to cause issues. The major problem is the lack of bandwidth between Verizon, or maybe its Alter.net and its peers.


For example, I tried to stream last night (Ustream). I had 80% dropped frames, which means 80% of what I tried to stream did not work. It's more than just a little problem. This is totally non-functional internet.

The download speeds are great. The upload speeds are great. It's just the packet loss that completely kills it. I left pingplotter on overnight. Everything is functional until around 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM. Then everything becomes a mess. It shouldn't be this way.

If Optimum doesn't have this problem, I'd switch in a heartbeat. But I have no idea.