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New York, NY
reply to Kearnstd

Re: iWatch?

said by Kearnstd:

Depends on what it is used for while driving. If it could overlay GPS it would lower distraction because you would no longer need to look away from the road. It could even lay out a path rather than just a map.

Now yes if someone was watching movies and surfing the web that would be a problem.

I don't think its a question of how its used because one would think that it would be possible to use Google Glass as a GPS however,...

How exactly would law enforcement tell the difference with respect to how a personal HUD such as Google Glass is used in a car? If someone doesn't use their seatbelt, puts a DVD player on their dashboard or is holding a phone to their ear one can see this but no one can see what is on the Google Glass display but the user. Its a little like the uncertainty of an open container, the risk is high enough to negate the benefit of doubt.

Also note that the Google Glass design that we have seen so far looks as though it would impair peripheral vision of the driver on the right side. The use of the display would also require looking up and away from the road.