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reply to xpbx

Re: Is onstar used by many?

Personally, I see this more of a global technology change than a 'AT&T is better than VZW'.

Why -
VZW does have LTE 'and' CDMA to cover the vast majority of the country
AT&T has GSM / UMTS / LTE to cover the majority of the country.

On a global scale - I suspect that GM is abandonning CDMA chipset completely for any new products. As VZW hasn't completed LTE, and GSM/UMTS is by far the largest footprint on the planet ( »www.4gamericas.org/index.cfm?fus···geid=565 ) moving to an all GSM/UMTS/LTE based deployment does make sense - even if it happens to end up on AT&T.


Mineral Wells, TX
AT&T lover right above ^, caution you will get flamed... startin 1, 2, 3..

alright haha, lets see AT&T and Verizon are crap.. idc how much they cover the country.. they are and have been a duopoly, AT&T is acting like they use to in ma-bell.. corrupting the government to get what they want.. even if it costs consumers..

One day AT&T and Verizon wont be the big dogs.. then you will see real competition!