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Tavistock NJ
reply to anonphoneuse

Re: what about the 7th time ?

said by anonphoneuse :

i have read that nothing happens after the sixth strike.

i have also read that ISPs will not be turning over information on subscribers.

so does that mean its a good idea to get the six strikes over with to enjoy unrestricted internet from that point on?

perhaps we(the people of the internet) should compile a list of likely false detected downloads allowing people to legally hop through the six strikes without actually pirating anything.

The monitoring group can still go to court and force the ISP to turn over the info. But would be forced to do it legally, with an individual subpoena, & not the copyright-amatic way they often do now. The ISP still has to obey legal court orders.

But that isn't the point of the 6 strikes process. It is to greatly REDUCE the numbers of people infringing copyright. If copyright infringement is reduced say by a very conservative 50%, the RIAA & MPAA are ahead of the game. It is all a numbers game. The die-hard ingringement addicts will find a way to beat the system, but this will discourage the occassional infinger - which is the whole reason for 6 strikes.

We will still see the posts from the hackers and the die-hards who download more music than they can listen to in a lifetime bragging how easy they beat the system. But who cares - the RIAA really doesn't.
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