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(solved, PEBKAC) VMplayer and guest/host network config

I've been working on this since about 10:00 AM. Maybe I'm thinking too deep into it.

This is what I want:
My host, the physical computer in which VMplayer runs, has a network IP address of
My guest, the virtual machine running within VMplayer, needs to communicate with my LAN (all systems at 172.24.123.xxx).

If I bridge the network connection to the host, I can ping the VM from the host but that is all. The VM cannot connect to LAN or internet.

If I NAT the connection, nothing works at all. Using a few guides on teh webs, I've configured the NAT'd internface using vmnetcfg.exe for VMplayer. I get an IP address conflict and issues because now I have VMNET8 on my host and my actual physical NIC using two different IPs: and (and nothing talks to anything). At this point I could have deployed an entire ESXi setup and been done with it but, nah, I just need one client within my physical machine.

I knew I was thinking into it too much. Derr. MAC based port security on the Dell switches. Added the MAC of the Mac and voila.
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