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Re: Well now people have a legal out...

I'm not too cheap to pay for movies and music. I'm too cheap to settle for shit. For example itunes is lame...if I want to BUY an album or Record I want that shit on Vinyl with warm Analog sound and cover art that can be appreciated. Secondly not every album or movie can be found these days, and that applies to major providers online as well. Secondly I pay for Netflix, Cable TV, and Internet that's already a lot of income going towards entertainment. Not to mention I still go to movies, live musical performances, etc. Should I really have to pay for an album or movie I've seen or heard plenty of times? And that I've previously paid for? The majority of the money I would be spending anyways would most likely go to a major movie company like Viacom so they can crunch numbers and make another shitty adam sandler movie for a quick buck, without ever caring about the material. And whats the point of going to see a movie in theaters anymore? There are 20 minutes of fucking advertisements before the movie starts, same with television, on average 14 to 16 minutes of every hour is more advertisements for products no one wants. And now get on youtube and more of OUR time is wasted on more pointless products. All of this can be avoided...and it involves NOT buying this shit. That's not to say don't support good "artists" making great pieces of art. The United States is already too consumer driven, and the movie industry has continually set records at the Box office year after year. You should consider that this issue isn't about a bunch of people wanting shit for free, but demanding a better service, innovative technology, freedom of culture, and information.