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Brooklyn, NY
reply to jc10098

Re: Well now people have a legal out...

said by jc10098:

Yes, but you've spent $35 to profess innocence. ISP "exonerates" you, and the MPAA/RIAA have now lost grounds to sue I'm guessing. After all, open router, hacked, etc., the ISP buys your excuse for a "fee".

IMO, if you are stupid enough to spend $35 to profess your innocence, you are wasting your money, time and efforts. The "review panel" or whatever it is called is very likely biased in favor of MAFIAA. They will happily take your money, then BS you that after "extensive" and "careful" review they still believe that you are at fault and if you wish to appeal, you will need to spend even more money with no guarantee that they will decide in your favor. Personally, I would rather spend a bit more on VPN service, at least that money won't be going to MAFIAA's campaign to restrict our Internet use even more.

said by jc10098:

If taken to court, bring said I was found innocent due to X reason. $35 is a lot cheaper than thousands a lawyer costs to make the same case.

The problem is that you are paying $35 for a private investigation, the results of which have absolutely no impact on the outcome of the actual court case. If you are unlucky enough to be the target of their lawsuit, your best bet is to settle with them if they offer it, otherwise you have no choice but to lawyer up and defend yourself.
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