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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Won't using

said by Mr Matt:

Not if you never illegally downloaded copyrighted...

That is a misnomer. Downloading copyrighted material is NOT illegal. Copyright covers distribution. No one, in the USA, has been sued for just downloading something. But, you will never hear this from the media companies or their shills. They want you to believe just listening to a song or watching a movie is illegal unless you paid.

I am all for paying for content. Up until recently that hasn't been the easiest thing. But things like Netflix and Hulu have been great, well for me anyway. But even with those services, the greedy middle man gets in the way. Stop putting arbitrary restrictions on content. Why is a new episode only available for 3 days, or only available 8 days after airing? I think it is the filthy middle man that bothers me and probably others. Why does the average author only get about 20% from book sales? They wrote the freaking thing? Why doesn't the average musician get 80% or more of the profits? What about the artists that write, direct and act in movies?