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Lexington, KY
reply to RySean

Re: Does the leased SB6141 only get firmware updated?

Wow, that's pretty detailed for it "not" to happen, lol! :P

said by RySean:

said by UKEE:

said by RySean:

Yeah, the newest is as confirmed to me by Time Warner Online Support. However, as you said, they refuse to update the modems, and multiple reps I have spoken to over the phone have stated that TWC does not push firmware to modems, which begs the question: how the hell does anyone get new firmware?

I'm still trying to figure out why TW even mentioned it online(and actually had the right version of the firmware listed)?

Why do that when they know that they are not going to push the firmwares?


The online rep told me that it would come automatically.

Here are quotes from my conversation with her:

"Each CMTS is scheduled to push the firmware to any existing modems/gateways connected to it that need the firmware and have not received it (usually between 12am – 5am to minimize customer impact)."

"The update process can take many days/weeks depending on the amount of modems/gateways on each CMTS for each area that needs to be discovered and updated."

"These firmware upgrades are generally pushed to the devices from the headend once they are connected to the plant."

"I have checked our records. I see taht as per your division only one modem is updated with the firmware version: SB_KOMODO- . "

"It is in the process of updating the modems with latest firmware versions "

I haven't seen any evidence of this on online forums, I'm assuming no one has received the new firmware yet. However, when I talked to over the phone support, 4 different techs all told me that TWC doesn't do firmware, but if they did, it would happen automatically. (Weirdest reply ever, right?)