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Refuse to Pickup the modem and want to refund ?

Hi there

I was convinced my boss to change his ISP to Electro Box. He agree to try start from his house before change ISP for his business and I was place order for him for his house.

I place order under my boss name. Because he use his personal credit card. So I don't want the name to be difference.

Few day later. He got a email said Modem it's ready for pick up. He forward it to me.

I went to thier office to pick up the Modem. Representative there refuse to release the Modem to me. (When I place the order I told them to contact me for installation or billing issue) Because she call my boss phone number and no one pick up the phone (He on the meeting at that time I know that)

She want to call the phone number that on file but that is my phone number.

So she refuse to give me a modem

I have every infomation on hand.

My ID + My business card
Name on file+ Installation address + Installation phone number + Internet Place + How much bandwidth + What modem to pick up + Credit card number

Is that still not enough to verify?

My question is can I cancel the order to get a Refund?
I have 3 residential installation order.

I don't feel to drive back and find the parking in longueuil again.
And I don't think my boss will willing to call and wait 20-30 min to speak to the agent.

Thank you


Montreal, QC

Your boss has to call Ebox to add your name as a contact that can manage the account and can pick up the modem.

I have a friend who did it and it worked perfectly.

Why didn't you pay 15$ to get the modem delivered? You probably pay more than that for your gas, parking and time lost?



It's there anyway not to call.

How about email?

I can't force someone who are in management level to call and wait on holding.

It's my mistake to not post the modem. Because I though I may order for several modem 2-5 order. So It's not worth to pay 15 each modem.

But the email confirmation for pick up the modem not come the same time so I'm quite SOL.


Montreal, QC
reply to Steven001

May be your boss can try to send an Email to ventes@electronicbox.net with his identification, account number and date of birth.

Electronic Box CEO

Send an email or call in. Our wait time should be very decent lately.