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Re: Does the leased SB6141 only get firmware updated?

said by tonyram57:

I hope they do push the update. So far I has this modem for a week and so far no major problems. The thing is I need a 3.0 modem. The 2.0 modems are very annoying in my area because the downstream and upstream channels change constanly and when I stream music which I do a lot it drops out for those breif few seconds during the channel change.

Of course I can't lease a 3.0 because I have EL not TWC and don't have there turbo plans and all they will give me a old crappy 2.0 modem (10/100 MB but I have a Gigabit router) or if I go down there to my TWC I might get a 3.0 but it will be a bulky Arris or a SB6580 but then if a tech has to come to my house he will just swap it for a old cruddy 2.0 modem. My only choice is to own a 3.0 since they channel bond as the 2.0 modems are only signal channel and TWC keeps changing the channel multiply times a day.

So you are using a 3.0 modem that you own and aren't having any issues with it....Why are you worried about the firmware if you aren't currently experiencing any issues?