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Milford, CT
reply to Chubbysumo

Re: Well now people have a legal out...

said by Chubbysumo:

The MPAA, or anyone related will not sue anyone anymore because one simply has to file bankruptcy to get out of any judgement against you, and for that matter, they just wasted hours of time on a case to not get paid anything, which would be fine with me.

Tell that to Jammie Thomas and Joel Tenenbaum.

Even if they never get paid, a large judgement serves to scare others.

And after all the lobbying the MPAA & RIAA have done to get new copyright laws passed around the world, especially with them asking for even harsher fines and even criminal penalties for copyright infringement, do you really think that after six alerts to the same IP address, they've just going to shrug and say "Oh well, I guess they're not going to stop. Let's just ignore them from now on."?

Not a chance. If the same IP address keeps showing up after the first six strikes, they will take some kind of legal action.

There's no way in hell that the MPAA/RIAA would ever agree to a system that gives a free pass to repeat infringers.