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reply to David

Re: Youtube sucks for me

said by David:

since I know you are on comcast what video is giving you the problem? Link?

I am not sure how to get the URL's like someone has above, but I can get the IP. I am guessing it's a filter for wireshark.

Oh, it's not a specific video. I can load it up once and I get the full 25 Mbps during PB and then I could load it again and only get 1-4 Mbps or so.

Had similar issues when I had U-verse internet a couple months back. On 3 Mbps/1 up Pro I sometimes had days where I could not even stream 240p as it would constantly buffer. It happened most of the time at night for me on both this and U-verse. During the day I could stream 720p on Youtube without a problem on my 3/1 connection.

Maybe Youtube is just really congested?