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Lexington, KY
reply to RySean

Re: Does the leased SB6141 only get firmware updated?

said by RySean:

Umm, hey guys. I found the actual firmware... If anyone can figure out how to flash it to the modem, that'd be super cool: » ··· 0-SCM00/

I found that about a month ago because Motorola firmware is "open source". You can go to the "Open Source" tab on the modem status page and see the various versions of components that were used to "build" the firmware.

The file that you linked looks like the "components" of the firmware and must be built (compiled) before it can be sent to the modem.

I wouldn't even know where to begin (and that's with following the Tomato router firmware project for years, which is also posted on under the GIT repository (IIRC) lol! )