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Salinas, CA
reply to dgreen80

Re: [General] HomeFusion or Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan?

You have at least two more options. One is to go with the Verizon data plan that goes in 2GB increments depending upon usage and costs $49 (after rebate) for the Novatel 4620LE. With Millenicom you have to pay $100 for the Novatel.

We had used Millenicom for 3G service for several years but with 4G the problems with connecting to Verizon had to go through Millenicom and then be relayed to Verizon. We were waiting 4-5 days on average to get a response from Millenicom. We finally gave up and switched to the goons at Verizonwireless.

The end result was actually no better as Verizonwireless has gone to having non-technical people take the tech support calls and regurgitate what the techs tell them. We lose the tower connection completely several times each day and after much time in multiple tech support queues were were twice told that they could not see our Novatel Mifi device. The second time we were told that either the Mifi or the SIM was defective. We replaced both items.

Same problem only this time the person anwering the phone at Verizon tech support (a non-tech person) is telling us that there is an IP address problme on our computer. How this could happen with the Novatel issued its external IP by Verizon on connection and the Novatel issuing via DHCP various IP addresses to its clients, is beyond me and I have worked professionally with personal computers since before the IBM PC arrived on the scene. The Verizon person could tell me nothing either, only that the problem was not with the Mifi and therefore it was with our computer and that they do not support computers.

I asked him what was the benefit of a Mifi if you did not use it with a computer and he had no answer. Just when you think the state of the US telecom industry has hit rock bottom it goes down two more levels into a modern version of Dante's hell. Gotta love this country's love affair with big monopolistic businesses that are great at maximizing profits for their executives but abominable at providing a public service at any price.


Mulberry, FL
May I ask what service goes in 2gb increments, costs the same or less than Millenicom's for the same amount of data?