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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to mromero

Re: [Cam] idea's for a new camera?

said by mromero:

what do you plan to take photos of?

people (my kids especially) -- and in particular settings like the park
nature shots and shots up a the lake (Lake Huron) when I'm up there and some sports events (baseball) if I can sneak it in. I might see if I can take some night sky shots as well, such as the moon. Again, likely only when I'm away from the city, though I would like to take some night shots of Niagara Falls and Toronto.

I'd build on getting lens. And sorry for using 35mm equivalent, but:

28mm wide angle
55mm (standard shots)
40-300mm zoom
500mm telephoto.

I just going on with the types of lenses I had before, all of them were screw on so no chance they'd work with anything...especially since everything was manual.

I think I should start on a lower end budget, so a used high quality camera with lower MP is fine, as long as sensor is top notch. No plans on producing anything over 10 by 8. I can do used lenses as well, but need direction on quality. I once had this 800mm lens which worked...but you basically need 800 speed film just to take outside shots, with the aperture complete open. Focusing was a bitch too, and 1/15 time minimum has hard. (1/30 would have made good pictures)

Am I okay with a 6MP higher end DSLR? What brand should I be going for? And are most lenses compatible with each other?
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this is an old thread, but whenever recommending cameras to people i recommend spending money on the lens.
it doesn't mean that you have to spend lots of money, but the kit lens is probably not the right choice.
canon makes a single focal length 1.8/35 mm lens that is just amazing: $300 (when i bought it).
the camera body itself won't be as critical (usually).
i upgrade camera bodies and keep the same lenses a long long time.

start by thinking thru the types of shots (wide, mid or tele) that you are *most* interested in initially.
then build out your kit from there.

eg: i started with a smashing 24-70/2.8 lens and have had that for the 10d, 20d, 40d, 1d2n, 7d, 1d4 camera bodies.
it's *just* about time to replace it.
after the 24-70, it was the 70-200/2.8 (superb lens) and the 15/2.8 (a stunning lens).

build slow with goals and targets.
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