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Runnemede, NJ

[speed/latency] I was pushed into the rabbit hole

Dumped comcast completely 5 years ago for free OTA HD. Was content with my 3mb dsl line for $30/mo on a dry loop. At some point it went to $32; fine. Then 6 months ago with NO notice it was $37. Well, i thought, if i'm gonna pay 37 let me pay 45 and get some more speed. Silly, silly me. Had to give up the dry loop for 7-15mb and eat all the fees and taxes. Took multiple calls to get the line correctly provisioned and up until about 2 weeks ago speed was acceptable. Lately though speeds, especially in the evening, have been terrible. After more hours of my life with tech support, I come to learn its network congestion and come to this board to see similar stories. I thought the biggest positive of dsl over cable was not sharing bandwidth with the neighbors. I was supposed to have had my routing changed, but if its at the CO I don't see how that is possible; although the network engineer I spoke to said the congestion was out past the CO. I'm down under 2mb in the peak evening and wishing i could go back to the 3mb dry loop i had, as i'm likely to pull the same 100gb/mo through the network regardless of speed and if I can't improve streaming video experience, what the hell am I paying for? //end rant

Wan stats (i see low d/s snr - i'm home run wired to router):

Broadband Status Broadband Parameter Status
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
Broadband Mode Setting: ADSL2+
Broadband Negotiated Mode: ADSL2+
Connection Status: CONNECTED
Downstream Speed: 17628 Kbps
Upstream Speed: 1109 Kbps
Retrains: 0
Retrain Timer: 2 Days, 0H:45M:28S
ATM QoS class: UBR
Near End CRC Errors Interleave: 0
Near End CRC Errors Fastpath : N/A
Far End CRC Errors Interleave : 0
Far End CRC Errors Fastpath : N/A
30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave : 0
30 Minute Near End CRC Fastpath : N/A
30 Minute Far End CRC Interleave : 0
30 Minute Far End CRC Fastpath : N/A
Near End RS FEC Interleave : 0
Near End RS FEC Fastpath : N/A
Far End RS FEC Interleave : 0
Far End RS FEC Fastpath : N/A
30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave : 71552
30 Minute Near End FEC Fastpath : N/A
30 Minute Far End FEC Interleave : 8
30 Minute Far End FEC Fastpath : N/A
30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream : 0
30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream : 0
SNR Downstream : 7 dB
SNR Upstream : 9 dB
Attenuation Downstream : 17 dB
Attenuation Upstream : 9 dB
Power Downstream 0 dBm
Power Upstream 11.9 dBm


Spring Mills, PA
as i tend to say with stats that low, you should get them up a bit, especially the upstream snr (this needs to be higher than downstream snr to work well).

as you have already done a homerun, not much more you can do. for congestion, pm tim_k See Profile, and mention the congestion issues.


Runnemede, NJ
reply to chrisag
Update: Tim was able to get me on another router and speeds have been excellent. Thank you very much.

Andover, NJ

1 recommendation

If only all the Verizon folks were like Tim.


Bishop, CA
Amen to that....

reply to chrisag
OP, are you saying you upgraded your DSL line to 15Mbit/sec, for $45? How did you do that? I didn't think DSL offered more than 5-6Mbit/sec at most. If I could get 15Mbit/sec on DSL, I might just drop FIOS. (I currently have 3Mbit dry loop DSL through DSLX, and 75/35 FIOS through Verizon.)