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Richland, WA

[CATV] Question about channels in new service levels & equipment

So I got the surprise ULTRA100 rate hike too, unfortunately I use the ULTRA speeds a lot and the bandwidth cap is needed...

I've decided to step down into the "new" packages and swap out my boxes for four new DVR boxes. I'm curious what is included in the "limited" and "silver" TV package. Charter's full lineup is very hard to read with "digital", "digital view", "digital view plus" etc. They DO NOT seem to mention WHAT each of the 3 levels includes for channels, besides which DON'T include premiums like HBO. I think the silver package will have basically all the channels we normally use anyway, and with the ultra100, phone, and that TV level it comes out to about what we used to pay before rate hikes.

Anyone able to confirm what levels each selection includes?

Also, anyone have any idea what their DVR box is now? Is it still the little 160gb box with like 40 HD hours? Also, we currently only have 1 HDTV but I hate swapping boxes and would like to just pick up four DVRs since they're all the same price. Do they still connect to "dumb" analog TVs via coax, or only HDMI/component now?



Re: [CATV] Question about channels in new service levels & equip

To break it down...

TV select - Basic/Ebasic
TV Silver - Digital tier 1, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime
TV Gold - Digital tier 1 and 2, all premium channels.

The digital tiers 1 and 2 will vary area to area so check out »charter.com/channels/displayChannels.jsp and look up your address and that will break it down exactly what is in each of those tiers. Hope this helps!


Richland, WA

Wow! Digital Teir 1 and 2 in my area each only add like 15 channels....

"Digital" or "digital view" have like 60 digital channels, those are now unavailable? That kinda sucks...



Digital tier 1 should give you the digital view and digital view plus tier together. Digital tier 2 is sports view and hd ultra view together along with boomerang, gospel music channel and halogen depending on your area, it can vary but that's the basic breakdown.