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Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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Re: HT1000 Anyone seeing this

Well, LLRTT thresholds are 1500mm (yellow) and 2000ms (red). But I can't see why turning off WebAccel should affect conventional PING times. The protocols are different. WebAccel only accelerates HTTP, PINGs are typically ICMP. The answer might be that Hughes is using a HTTP-PING system.

That said, one of the LAN category parameters that can trigger a red X is "LAN Ping Status". Can only speculate, but maybe it's some kind of ICMP/HTTP conflict as well.

I can now also envision a possible relationship to the Downlink red Xs as well. Assuming yours were fragmentation errors like mine, it's possible that the HT1000 diagnostic software is not coping with the HTTP acceleration algorithm. As a result, the accelerated packets might be mistaken for fragmentation. In other words, a false positive. Just guessing mind you, but it seems possible to link all three categories to HTTP acceleration.

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