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reply to Krisnatharok

Re: F2P mech game Hawken in public beta

Hawken is mechanized body armor
MWO is Mechs

Hawken is a more close quarter comabt, more fast paced action. The range in mech types is tighter since most combat occurs like a real fps, with line of sight firing/covering.

MWO battles occur over almost the whole battlefield with long range support, scouts, and brawlers. There is a much wider range mechs to fill these rolls.

Each has its own style, are very different games, and they really can't be compared.

If there were a BF3 style game for a mechwarrior universe it would include infantry, mech infantry, tanks, support vehicles, aircraft and the variety of mechs in MWO. Where "respawn" would be dropships. That would be a sick game, but balancing that would be difficult, and it would have to have teams on each side that would be greater than 64.

Your Daddy
They're already working on that, Energy. There are supposed to be maps three times as large as the newest map that came out. There's supposed to be other military that will come in like tanks, etc, but they said that players will not be able to pilot them.

I think you're going to see larger than 8v8 on the horizon with 12v12 up next.
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