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Burlington, ON
·WIND Mobile

Switch or Wait? (DSL Service)

Over the past couple of months I've been looking at changing my DSL package and moving to a new provider.

Based on what's out there, I pay an inflated $59.99 (plus tax plus network access fee for about $70 total) for 6/800 DSL service which so far has been unlimited and digital phone (VoIP service).

Looking at plans from Electronic Box, I can get 15/1 250GB for $37.95/month. From my understanding, VDSL modems can now or will shortly be available for purchase, which means their 25/10 service is $45.95/month for 250 GB (all plans free from 2 am to 12 pm).

If I add in a VoIP service (looking for recommendations...) for $10/month, I'm still a bit under my current service price, with faster internet.

I've used 289 GB one month, otherwise my average is 150 or so, so a 250GB plan should be sufficient. If I deduct 2 am to 12 pm I'm probably about 100GB per month.

With the CRTC changes, should I be waiting to switch? Unless others drop the dry loop charge, Ebox is priced very well and customer service is excellent as is tech support. I have Ebox 25/10 at a rental address, so I have experience with them.

I am ready to move. Watching Game Center Live while my wife watches Netflix leads to slowdowns with the 6 Mbps connection. We've had it for 6 years now but it's time to move to higher speeds I think.

Any thoughts on pricing in the next month or two?


New prices from all IISP will be available most likely in the 1st 2 weeks of March.

I would suggest you to wait a bit b4 any change you may decide to make.